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Online courses (MOOCs)

The Capacity Building Series of EBSN provides support for policy-makers and other adult learning professionals by publishing up-to-date content by experts on EPALE in the field to help the implementation of the Upskilling Pathways recommendation in the Member States. CBS is the first to introduce online courses on EPALE to contribute to a more efficient use of resources presented in the OERs. &nbs...
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Open Education Resources (OERs)

EBSN’s Capacity Building Series was launched to contribute to the successful implementation of the Upskilling Pathways recommendation. One of the main pillars of CBS is a sequence of open education resources (OERs) that aim at collecting relevant resources that are currently available on EPALE and also to provide new content.   Integrated Policy Approach in Basic Skills Provision Out of the ...
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EBSN and EPALE’s Online Course on Integrated Basic Skills Policy Call for Participants

The EBSN EPALE Team is glad to announce the launch of its first online course. It is a four-week long MOOC that is based on the first OER unit: Integrated Policy Approach in Basic Skills Provision. The course provides an excellent opportunity go into details in connection with the main resources of the OER and also to engage in mutual learning with other adult education professionals who are curre...
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