Becoming a member Membership Fee

Membership Fee

The differentiated fee system is based on two equally important parameters: the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita and the size of the operational budget of the member institution.

Based on these two parameters, member institutions will be scored according to the following table:

According to GDP per capita
GDP index equal to or higher than 120 3p
GDP index equal to or higher than 80, lower than 120 2p
GDP index less than 80 1p
According to size of operational budget
Budget equal to or higher than 600 000 EUR 3p
Budget equal to or higher than 200 000, lower than 600 000 2p
Budget lower than 200 000 1p

NOTE: The GDP index figures used in the table above are percentages corresponding to the relative value of the countries’ GDP compared to the average of EU28. Read more about this on the Eurostat website.

Annual fee
from 2024

Member institutions scoring 6 p 700 EUR
Member institutions scoring 5 p 550 EUR
Member institutions scoring 4 p 370 EUR
Member institutions scoring 3 p 250 EUR
Member institutions scoring 2 p 150 EUR

For members which are networks including several countries the scoring regarding GDP will be calculated as an average of the countries involved. The EC will ask members to send the secretariat documentation on their operational budget. Data on GDP per capita is available on the Internet, but the data used will always correspond to the previous year. Scorings will be updated each year by the Secretariat.