The Association consists of:

– the General Assembly (GA)

– the Executive Committee (EC)

– the Secretariat.

The General Assembly is the EBSN’s legislative organ and it delegates the running governance of the network to the Executive Committee.

All eligible members are entitled to participate with one voting member per institution at the annual General Assembly (GA).

A Secretariat has been established to assist the Executive Committee in its functions.

EBSN Executive Committee


Inez Bailey, National Adult Literacy Agency / NALA, Ireland

Secretary General

Graciela Sbertoli, Norway


Zsolt Vincze, Association for Lifelong Learning / ALLL, Hungary


Silvia Faggioli, Italian teacher and Principals Association / ADI, Italy

Cäcilia Märki, Swiss Federation of Adult Learning / SVEB, Switzerland

Estera Mozina, Slovenian Institute for Adult Education / SIAE, Slovenia

Celia Sokolowsky, German Adult Education Association / DVV, Germany

Jan Evensen, Fønix AS, Norway


Download the EBSN Charter (pdf)