Becoming a member

Becoming a member

Who can apply?

The European Basic Skills Network aims at gathering

  • Institutions representing national networks in the field of basic skills for adults
  • Policy making (governmental) departments or agencies at national or regional level
  • Policy providers, especially research institutions and national advocacy associations
  • Transnational associations working in the field

Membership is institutional, not personal. Members will be asked to nominate one to three contact persons. Membership is primarily open to institutions from all European countries, whether they are members of the EU or not. Non-European institutions which fulfill the criteria expressed above are also welcome to the network as associated members.

How do I become a member?

1) Complete this form and submit it to: secretariat[at]

2) The Executive Committee will consider your application and can preliminary accept it, pending confirmation from the General Assembly, which gathers in May/June every year, in connection with the annual conference.

3) Membership starts officially at the date of acceptance by the General Assembly.

Partner obligations

Partners are asked to pay a membership fee towards the cost of running the network’s Secretariat. The 2012 General Assembly approved a differentiated fee system which will be applied from Jan 1st 2013. Partners are expected to contribute to the general exchange of experience, and in particular contribute to the web site by sending to the Secretariat a presentation of their institution, including if relevant a list of members in their national networks, and links to relevant national reports and articles, information about events, etc. Cooperation within the network may also be organized by the Executive Committee and may include the creation of ad-hoc task forces or the clustering network members to create partnerships for international projects. Partners are also kindly requested to participate in the annual network’s conference. Membership Application