Becoming a member

Becoming a member

The EBSN is looking for potential new members of the network. We know our current activities, particularly those related to the production and upkeep of the Capacity Building Series, will benefit from a wider membership base. And we are convinced that we have much to offer to new members!

If you are not a member and represent an institution that can be considered either a policy maker or a policy provider in the fields of basic skills in your country, please consider applying for membership.

And if you already are a member, please read the following text and consider which potential members in your country you can suggest we approach to offer the possibility of applying for membership.

We aim at having four or more member institutions, either policy makers or policy providers, in each European country!


What do we mean by policy makers?

Policy makers are the decision makers involved in the creation and implementation of basic skills policy at national, regional or local level:

    • ministries of education, of employment, of inclusion, or social affairs,
    • governmental institutions involved in the implementation of basic skills policy,
    • regional and local authorities.


What do we mean by policy providers?

Policy providers are the institutions that can contribute to the knowledge base for further policy development:

    • research institutions
    • teacher training institutions
    • umbrella organizations for non-formal learning
    • social partners involved in education at the workplace
    • national or regional networks of private providers.


Who can apply?

Membership in the EBSN is institutional, not personal. You can apply as representative from your institution and the application must be signed by the head of the applicant institution or department. Members will be asked to nominate one to three contact persons, and are responsible for keeping these nominations updated.

Membership is primarily open to institutions from all European countries, whether they are members of the EU or not. Non-European institutions which fulfill the criteria expressed above are also welcome to the network as associated members.


How can my institution become a member?

    • Complete this form, get it signed by the institution’s head, and submit it to: secretariat[at]
    • The Executive Committee will consider your application and can preliminary accept it, pending confirmation from the General Assembly, which gathers in May/June every year, in connection with the annual conference. Membership starts officially at the date of acceptance by the General Assembly.


Partner obligations

    • Partners are asked to pay a membership fee towards the cost of running the network’s Secretariat.
    • Partners are expected to contribute to the general exchange of experience, and in particular contribute to the web site by sending to the Secretariat a presentation of their institution, including if relevant a list of members in their national networks, and links to relevant national reports and articles, information about events, etc.
    • Cooperation within the network may also be organized by the Executive Committee and may include the creation of ad-hoc task forces or the clustering network members to create partnerships for international projects. Partners are also kindly requested to participate in the annual network’s conference.


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