Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

EBSNs Special Interest Groups, SIGs

EBSN SIGs are thematic interest groups aiming to provide information, create joint knowledge and promote development on a policy level.

Each EBSN SIG has two main objectives:

  • generate discussion and exchange of experience among the SIG members;
  • contribute to the preparation of online courses within their specific theme.

Participation in EBSN SIGs is open only to EBSN members.

The main communication platform / community space of the EBSN SIGs is the closed Online Discussion Group established on EPALE.

Each SIG will have its own Online Discussion Group on which the members can share main documents and write thematic comments.

To register to the EPALE Online Discussion Group each member needs first to register with EPALE and send the registration name to the EBSN Secretariat.

The following SIGs are currently being initiated

 Start date
EBSN SIG 1: Workplace Basic SkillsMay 10th, 2016
EBSN SIG 2: Numeracy, including Financial LiteracyMay 6th, 2016
EBSN SIG 3: Digital CompetenceSoon
EBSN SIG 4: Basic Skills and Family LearningMay 18th, 2016
EBSN SIG 5: Creation and implementation of national policy for Basic Skills provisionMay 6th, 2016
EBSN SIG 6: Basic Skills for IntegrationSoon