Events archive EBSN General Assembly & Annual Conference 2013

EBSN General Assembly & Annual Conference 2013

Opening doors – Developing partnerships for basic skills training beyond the classroom

Madrid, May 23rd – 25th

Organized in cooperation with the Spanish Ministry of Education



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Effective workplace literacy programme  – John Benseman, Consultant, Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland

Unions’ role in opening doors to learning – Judith Swift, National Union Development Manager, Unionlearn

The Euralpha Learner’s Manifesto – Monika Tröster, German Institute for Adult Education, DIE

Reading Circles as Adult Literacy Education – Sam Duncan, NRDC

Initial Literacy for Immigrants – the ALFIE Project Results  Hanne Christensen, Vox & Rosa Maria Falgas, ACEFIR

Digital Competence for Employability and Active Citizenship, – Luis Collado, Google Spain

Web based literacy and numeracy learning – Tom O’Mara, NALA

BASKET – Professional development for basic skills teachers  – Cath Hamilton, Education Scotland

Making it happen: Creation of national structures for basic skills training in (the FYR of) Macedonia

Carmen Sainz Madrazo, MECD & Jean-Christophe Ralema (ANLCI)

PIAAC – Facts and impacts Xeni Dimakos, Vox

Evidence for policy and practice – Decision-making for Adult Skills Training in Canada – Satya Brink, Ph.D.

(Canadian research on literacy and adult learning)

Outcomes of basic skills training – David Mallows, NRDC

Cohesive national programs – Hilal Gencay, Mother Child Education Foundation

The EBSN Academy – Graciela Sbertoli, Vox

Workshop presentations

Workplace literacy programmes: answering policy questions – John Benseman, Consultant, Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland

IVQ (Information and Everyday Life) a national survey 2004/2012 a basis for an indicators net – Jean-Pierre Jeantheau, ANCLI