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Workers Education Association of Norway

Studieforbundet AOF Norge



AOF is an approved study association, as stipulated in the Act on Adult Education. AOF aims to be a natural partner in lifelong learning and AOF prepares the way for people who wish to learn. We provide appropriate arenas for learning activities and a professional teaching framework. AOF are well experienced in teaching and giving guidance to adults from different backgrounds and with varied experiences. AOF aims to be the natural partner in skills development, whether for union representatives, employees or employers.

AOF aims to:

  • develop its partners strengths and values
  • promote gender and cultural equality
  • further equal opportunities for all to take part in adult education activities
  • prepare individual members to take an active part in work and society as a whole
  • be the leading provider of adult education programmes for the world of work
  • have an educational approach based on learning by doing
  • use individual needs and backgrounds as base
  • stimulate to active participation in the learning process
  • use interactive teaching methods

AOF is present with a wide range of vocational and non-vocational courses, often tailor-made according to customer needs:

  • Basic skills programmes / Skillspluss
  • Vocational traning
  • Computer skills
  • Languages
  • Union respresentative traning
  • Supplementary studies qualifying for higher education
  • A wide range of leisure and hobby courses
  • AOF apprenticeship training office
  • Health and safety

National and international impact

AOFs memberorganisations are the national trade unions as well as other political, social and cultural organisations within the Norwegian labour movement and society at large. AOF is the labour movement’s cultural organization. The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) is decidedly the largest and most influential workers’ organisation in Norway (ca 850 000 members) –

AOF Norway works both national and regional on political issues related to education.

AOF Norway is member of:

The Norwegian Association for Adult Learning (NAAL) –

ABF Norden –

EAEA (via VOFO)-