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Gentis Foundation was founded in 2000 with the mission to achieve social inclusion of the most disadvantaged groups by using labor insertion and workbased training as the vehicle to improve self-worth and to achieve social respect and acceptance of social and cultural diversity. Gentis Foundation provides a wide range of support services, targeting adults and young adults, namely: 1) labor orientation services, 2)vocational training services to acquire or upgrade new skills and competences, 3)formal education and regulated training programs aiming to promote young people to return to education, 4) provision of labour intermediation services for companies   5) entrepreneurial support.  To achieve this Gentis strongly relies on the following 3 models of intervention:  1)the Second Chance Schools model, 2) the person- centered approach model and 3) the Employability by Skills model. Basic Skills are addressed in many support services provided by Gentis but are specially relevant in those addressed to young people to enable an educational transition towards the return to education or labour insertion through personalised itineraries for each student and over a of time. Gentis has expertise in the provision of basic skills from a 360 comprehensive perspective that follows a person centred and decentralized approach and that uses the opportunities and resources provided by the local community.

National / international impact

At international level, Gentis is a member of the European Association of Service Providers for People with Disabilities (EASPD) and the European Association of Second Chance Schools (E2C-Europe) and has participated as a partner and/or coordinator in a wide variety of projects financed by the EU. projects aimed at promoting innovation in the field of adult education. At the national level, Gentis is a member of the Spanish Network of Second Chance Schools (E2O Spain),  the Education 360 network, a Catalan initiative to fight against inequality  and the Catalan Network of social action organizations (ECAS).


Adult school model. The Lo Pont Adult Training Center was funded in 2013 with the aim to address school failure of young people. 

Skills model. The skills model used by Gentis, and specially with regards to basic skills takes on special relevance to personalize the various educational and socio-labor insertion processes implemented by Gentis

Second chance school model. The Second Chance Schools (E2O) provide young people, without work and/or training, with an original pedagogical model based on innovative training through personalized itineraries, a reinforcement of basic and work skills, practical experiences in connection with the world business.

Good practices in social action

GUIDELINES ON MENTORING IN THE FIELD OF SPORT (SportMe project). How can skills can be addressed using mentoring in the field of sport.