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Two online discussions early October in the Capacity Building Series of EBSN on EPALE

We are glad announce that in the next phase of EBSN’s Capacity Building Series two thematic online discussions will be available on EPALE: workplace basic skills learning between 7-8 October and family literacy between 9-10 October. The consecutive online events aim at generating discussion around two of the highlighted topics of the Capacity Building Series to explore the experiences from practic...
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Online discussion: Critical digital and media literacy

EBSN is glad to announce that the next online discussion in the framework of Capacity Building Series on Epale is scheduled at the end of August with the title: Critical digital and media literacy.  Digital skills and competences are today increasingly seen as a significant part of basic skills. There are a number of initiatives that aim at conceptualising and defining digital skills and comp...
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Online discussions

EBSN’s EPALE-related activity is partly based on organising online discussions in our network’s thematic field. This pillar has become especially important to EBSN’s Capacity Building Series (CBS) in which existing resources are compiled and completed by new materials in order to support policy-makers and policy workers who are engaged in implementing the Upskilling Pathways recommendation. The to...
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Two upcoming online discussions by EBSN on EPALE in April

We announce that EBSN is coordinating two online discussions on EPALE on migrant integration. The results of both discussions contribute to the second OER unit, which addresses the integration of migrant adults through basic skills, in the Capacity Building Series of EBSN. The first online discussion which will concentrate on language training programs for migrant adults is scheduled to...
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Acquiring functional basic skills in a digital society: online discussion on EPALE

Join us on 13th and 14th November to discuss about experiences on the use of digital tools in the provision of initial literacy and numeracy training, and of language provision for immigrants. The event will take place on EPALE and will be moderated by EBSN Secretary General, Graciela Sbertoli. For more information please see the landing page of the event: Acquiring functional basic skills in a di...
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The EBSN’s Speakers’ Corner on Adult Literacy: online discussion on EPALE

To celebrate the International Literacy Day, the EBSN EPALE team welcomes you to join us on EPALE in our Speakers’ Corner on Literacy! The multilingual event will take place on Friday, September 7th, from 10.00 (CET) to 17:00 (CET) and it will be moderated by the EBSN’s Secretary General, Graciela Sbertoli. For more information please see the landing page of the event by clicking on the link below...
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