online discussion Two upcoming online discussions by EBSN on EPALE in April

Two upcoming online discussions by EBSN on EPALE in April

We announce that EBSN is coordinating two online discussions on EPALE on migrant integration. The results of both discussions contribute to the second OER unit, which addresses the integration of migrant adults through basic skills, in the Capacity Building Series of EBSN.

The first online discussion which will concentrate on language training programs for migrant adults is scheduled to start on 2 April, 2019 9:00 (CET) and be finalised on 3 April, 2019 17:00 (CET). During the discussion, participants are encouraged to share their views and experiences by answering the following questions:

  • Does your country have national systems for the language training and certification of immigrants? Are there specific linguistic requirements linked to residence permits and/or acquisition of nationality? How is the training organized? Who are the providers? How is it financed?
  • How is the quality of the training ensured? How is teacher training organized? What is the role of volunteers, if any?
  • Are there general methodological guidelines available to the providers? To what extent are digital tools used in the training provision?
  • Are literacy and linguistic training identified as two separate issues? How is the linguistic training of adults with very low levels of literacy organized?

The discussion’s page can be accessed by following the link.


The Capacity Building Series of EBSN provides free open educational resources (OERs) and massive online courses (MOOCs) through EPALE, to help the implementation of the European Commission recommendations on Upskilling pathways in EU Member States. EPALE is funded by the Erasmus+ programme, as part the European Commission’s ongoing commitment to improving the quality of adult learning provision in Europe. The project is implemented with the support of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).