Current members National Office of VET and Adult Learning

National Office of VET and Adult Learning

Nemzeti Szakképzési és Felnőttképzési Hivatal, NSZFH



Contact information

Karvázy Eszter, head of international unit,

Dr. Lukács Fruzsina, national coordinator for EAAL, PIAAC project coordinator,


The National Office of Vocational Education and Training and Adult Learning (NOVETAL), in its official capacity is a national background agency for the Ministry for National Economy.

The agency serves as an information point for VET and Adult education with the focus on vocational education and training. Its strategic partnership overarches the stakeholders in the lifelong learning process. The agency pursues, initiates, organizes and coordinates regional and national research and development related to vocational and adult learning. It provides professional assistance in experiments, research and the implementation of innovation to teachers, andragogists, and institutions pursuing vocational education and training. Its main task is the continuous development of the vocational structure and in the course of this activity compiles and publishes the national module map. It provides for the continuous content development of vocational and adult education, within which compiles, as well as prepares for publication and maintains vocational and examination requirements, central programs (syllabuses), textbooks and teaching aids of qualifications and vocational subjects, professional documentation related to adult education, educational and training documents for the training of people with less advantages or handicapped, cooperates in the implementation of quality development models and systems applicable in the area of vocational education. The directorate supplies for developments concerning the methods and tools of formal, non-formal and informal learning, coordinates the professional development work of regional workforce development and training centres concerning adult education, collects and analyses adult education statistical data, manages the central registry containing the national data of vocational examinations.

National / international impact

The Agency coordinates economic development and innovation programs aiming to support adult learning:

  • Supporting workplace trainings – professional support for training programs at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and at large enterprises
  • Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC)
  • Priority project ‘Reducing the Digital Gap’
  • Reducing the number of people leaving the vocational education without qualification
  • Training of low-skilled people and public-sector employees
  • Improving the quality and the content of the 21st century’s vocational training and adult education
  • Developing and operating training centers at enterprises

The Agency coordinates European projects such as ReferNet, Euroguidance, EQAVET, National Coordinator for EAAL, and actively liaise with other projects such as Europass, EQF and EURES.


The Agency operates the national VET and AL library where relevant collection of professional materials and research materials can be found.

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