ebsn café EBSN Café March

EBSN Café March

On Thursday, March 17th, the EBSN Secretariat organized a virtual meeting exclusively for network members, the EBSN Café. 20 colleagues gathered for this rather informal communication event, which takes place approximately every two months. During the Café we exchanged information about the coming conference, some of our current projects, developments in represented countries, and plans for the future. Maria Skoglöf, from Skolverket, presented the Swedish plans for a revision of their policy concerning basic skills for adults. Skolverket is interested in establishing contact with several EBSN members to exchange information about relevant policy issues and examples of successful implementation. Maria’s presentation was recorded and we recommend you watch the video and get in touch with Skolverket if you can contribute to their work.

Our next EBSN Café will take place on the 2nd half of May, and the date will be announced in a coming Newsletter. We hope to meet you there!