Uncategorized A perfect match – a pathway to creativity

A perfect match – a pathway to creativity

According to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Future of Jobs” it is predicted that by 2025, the world will see a loss of 85 million jobs within the traditional industries and service sector. But it also predicts the creation of 133 million jobs thanks to the digital revolution. It does not require much imagination to understand that this will need to be followed by a significant reconstruction of existing skills and competencies.

EBSN member Prios with its partners worked on e-learning materials (OERs and MOOCs) in the Valuable Creativity Project co-founded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the EU. The Project has taken the challenge to introduce methods and pathways on how artists and adult educators can introduce creativity methods and processes in companies, it aims to present methods and solutions for fostering and developing creativity.

The Project introduces an open education resource (i.e. OER) along with 2 open courses (i.e. MOOCs) addressing the nature of creativity, and how it becomes a systematic way of working and learning within the daily company development.