Current members National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA)

National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA)




The National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) is an independent member-based organisation, working on improving adult literacy in Ireland since 1980. We are  the voice of adults wishing to improve their literacy skills and committed to  raising adult literacy levels. Our mission is to be the voice of adult literacy in  Ireland and, with our partners, influence policy and practice to support people in  developing their literacy.

NALA’s work includes:

  • Working to ensure that national adult literacy policy priorities are implemented;
  • Develop better literacy and numeracy learning opportunities through an integrated learning approach and other effective methods such as distance and blended learning.
  • Making it easier for people with literacy difficulties to take up literacy and numeracy learning opportunities and use other services aimed at the public.

Since we were established in 1980, we have increased awareness of the adult literacy issue in Ireland and secured a response to the issue from the State. The quality of that response, and its growth over the years, has been at the core of our work to ensure people with literacy difficulties can avail of the tuition and support they need.

Over this time, we have brought many innovations to the field of adult literacy  and developed the organisation as an expert resource. Our achievements  include:

  • developing quality, curriculum and assessment frameworks;
  • successfully lobbying for the creation of a fund for  workplace literacy programmes;
  • designing new models of literacy tuition for target groups such as unemployed people; and
  • using technology, especially television, to increase awarness and support learning.