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Centre for vocational education and training

Centar za strucno obrazovanje (CSO)


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The Centre for Vocational Education and Training is a developmental, advisory and research institution founded in 2003 by social partners within the process of education system decentralization, and development of vocational and adult education.  The main area of the VET Centre’s work is the development and strengthening of the vocational and adult education system, emphasizing the adjustment of these educational systems to social changes, the market economy, technological progress and information technologies. The VET Centre is one of the key implementers of vocational education reform in Montenegro, as well as the institution which created the adult education system, raising it to a significant level of social recognition. There are three Departments operating within the VET Centre, which are supported by the Department for General Legal and Accounting Affairs.  The Department for Occupational Standards and Curricula intensively reforms curricula in accordance with new methodological documents, trying to harmonize with labour market needs, on the basis of occupational standards.

The Department of Adult Education is the only professional service in Montenegro dealing with developmental, advisory and research affairs in the field of adult education. Since the VET Centre’s foundation, the Department has been actively developing training programmes for occupations, changing qualification, developing additional qualifications, engaging in professional improvement and development of key competences.The Department of Evaluation conducts quality assessment, in institutions in which vocational curricula are implemented.  It is in charge of planning and training in the field of preparation and implementation of internal evaluation in vocational and adult education institutions.

National / international impact

Centre for Vocational Education and Training (VET Centre) is the only official institution in Montenegro in charge for qualifications development, vocational and adult education. When the South-Eastern Europe network of VET Centres (SEEVET-Net) was established, the VET Centre became its full member, and the director of the VET Centre was its first Chair. VET Centre has successfully participated in numerous international projects implemented so far: CARDS Project, EcoNet, GIZ Project in vocational education, DVV in adult education, Project MNE/011, etc. VET Centre organizes competitions of students and learners from various occupational fields, as well as the manifestations promoting life-long learning and education. VET Centre actively participated in launching and implementation of project intended for vulnerable groups: „Second Chance“, supported by the European Agency for Reconstruction. In addition to this, the VET Centre established intense cooperation with the NGO sector and signed cooperation agreements with NGOs which contribute to development of adult education and life-long learning concepts in Montenegro.