Welcome to EBSN’s online conference!

Welcome to EBSN’s online conference!


Welcome to the opening page of EBSN’s first online conference. As a response to the challenging situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemics EBSN has decided to organise its annual conference online in 2020. The aim of the conference, entitled ‘Achieving Upskilling Pathways’, is to address the challenges posed by the recent events and follow up new developments in EU policy (EU Skills Agenda) and the results of implementation efforts of the Upskilling Pathways recommendation. The three-day event will consist of thematic workshops with presentations, followed by discussions and by interactivity on a number of platforms (Virtual Marketplace, Project Generation Facility), which will be available for further dialogue, networking, partnership-building among participants.



Conference Program


Conference padlet

The padlet for the conference is open to everyone who wishes to learn more about the conference, the speakers and EBSN’s new initiatives. Register and log in and contribute with your name to the conference padlet!

Find a manual to using the conference padlet here.

Access conference padlet directly here!


Padlettel készült


Virtual Marketplace

We are continuing the tradition from EBSN annual conferences of providing a space i.e. marketplace for sharing information and networking. This year the marketplace is hosted in an allocated section in the conference padlet. The Virtual Marketplace is dedicated to promoting interaction, networking, and sharing additional resources beyond those presented at the workshop talks.


Conference Declaration

The Conference Declaration is an important element of all EBSN conferences. You can find the first draft of the declaration in the conference padlet. Add you comments in the dedicated padlet post below and be part of the co-creation of the 2020 Conference Declaration!


Project Generation Facility

The EBSN Secretariat is initiating an online platform dedicated to participants who would like to reach out and connect with each other with the aim to establish actual collaborations and join forces for project ideas in the field of basic skills development. The Member Organisations’ diverse background represent a significant potential for partnership-building. The Secretariat wishes to further promote cooperation among EBSN Members and beyond. Access the Facility by first registering to the event. We will send you the link to the Project Generation Facility. Find a short manual on how to use the Facility here.



EBSN Secretariat is initiating a new action for promoting interaction and a sense of cooperation and belonging to EBSN Members! We will present the main frames of the Café at the conference!


Invited experts and organisers



For more technical and practical information about the conference, please get in touch with us through e-mail: secretariat@basicskills.eu.