ebsn café Upcoming EBSN Café in November

Upcoming EBSN Café in November

The next EBSN Café is organised on 10 November from 15:00 CET to 16:30 CET and it will be focusing on discussing two major themes besides the regular ritual of sharing news and updates among EBSN members. 

CITO SkillsChecker

One of the topics many will be interested in is the further exploitation of the CITO SkillsChecker, the mobile application tool for self-assessment and guidance to basic skills training developed by the CITO partnership, including three EBSN members. The CITO Skills Checker Toolkit and its potential adaptation to new countries / contexts was presented by NALA’s Innovation Manager, Elaine Cohalan on our last conference in June, in Vienna.

2023 EBSN Conference thematic focuses 

2023 EBSN Conference is to be held in Hungary and will feature the EBSN Professional Development Series, as the first set of MOOCs and OERs for exploring new and innovative ways of supporting basic skills teachers. EBSN PDS is an EBSN initiative to strengthen professionalisation and enhance the quality of provision, which would be one of the focus theme of the next conference.


The main aim of the EBSN Café’s are to boost interaction among partners and members and to present the latest updates from EBSN members work. This informal series of meet ups also provide a great chance for building partnerships, planning project cooperation and ideas and to widely disseminate events that happen in the network.