EBSN Academy

EBSN Academy

The EBSN Academy aims at promoting European excellence in the field of initial and continuous professional training for teachers of basic skills to adults.


One of the most important issues in the policy discussions within the network these past few years has been how to strengthen the systems of provision, the quality, and the awareness of the need for professional development of basic skills teachers. This concern led to the creation of the EBSN Academy in 2013. The Academy was conceived as an initiative that would capitalize on the wide experience and knowledge of the policy makers, policy providers and policy implementers who work at the EBSN member institutions, and who are involved in the development of courses for the Initial or Continuous Professional Development of teachers and trainers of basic skills for adults.

The first five EBSN Academy courses were organized within the frame of the Grundtvig Literacy Workshops, which ran from the autumn of 2013 to the autumn of 2014. The end of the Life Long Learning Program meant further activities had to be organized counting on participants being able to get Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Grants. The launching of EPALE has further changed the frame in which such activities can be organized. The EBSN is currently developing a plan for the further development of the Academy concept in the new frame.

The only EBSN Academy event planned so far for 2016 is a blended learning course combining participation in on-line events and in the annual EBSN conference. Subscribe to our Newsletter to keep informed about other coming events.

Capacity Building for Policy DevelopmentĀ in the field of Basic Skills for Adults