Current members Youth and Adult Education and Lifelong Learning Association

Youth and Adult Education and Lifelong Learning Association

Մեծահասակների կրթություն և ուսումնառություն ողջ կյանքի ընթացքում

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Contact information

President: Arevik Sargsyan,

Board member: Nana Herouni,


AELLL was estublishing at 2005. AELLL aims to develop and institutionalize quality adult education system in the Republic of Armenia through active stakeholder involvement, and to contribute to develop of the professionalism of Adult Educators within Country. Thanks to its diverse membership, AELLL also serves as a platform for civil society consultation in developing national policies concerned with adult education and lifelong learning as well as for developing social partnerships in the area in question.

The Association has a vast experience in organizing various kinds of adult education weeks, festivals, workshops, seminars, master classes, exhibitions and focus groups. Moreover, our Association can offer marketing studies in the field of Adult Education and conduct research and feasibility analysis in the mentioned field. Additionally, the Association has a great familiarity in developing different strategies and policy plans on adult education and lifelong learning in Armenia with close cooperation with government, making drastic changes in the umbrella law of education. Finally, the Association has always supported the regional development, particularly between EU and Armenia.

Since 2012 till now AELLL is conducting a series of public discussion/meetings “To Learn of Wisdom”, which pursues the objective of preserving cultural heritage.  The discussions foster open intellectual exchange and are frequented by seniors and students.

National / international impact

AELLL is NGO involved in national and international level issues concerning adult education and lifelong learning. The organization was a member of the European Adult Education Association (EAEA) in 2005-2012.

Now the Association is well-known in Armenia as one of stakeholder institutions, engaging in the process of fostering the development of the adult education system in Armenia and in the region, participating in lifelong learning policy making in order to promote the development of a civic, democratic and sustainable society.

A number of Projects financed by EU, dvv International, UNDP and national grants were successfully completed during these eleven years by AELLL, i.e. Adult Education Weeks in Armenia, Establishing of Adult Education Centers in regions, Support to the Educational Reform in Armenia, Design of LLL Concept of Armenia accepted by the Government, etc.

Links – this is a link, where more than 40 different items (mostly produced by AELLL) can be downloaded in Armenian, English and Russian.