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Within the UCL Institute of Education we have a team of teacher educators, researchers and academics devoted to the understanding and development of practices and skills in adult literacy, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), mathematics and adult numeracy. This team is expanding the expertise in these areas developed under the (past) NRDC centre and includes the Centre for Post-14 Education and Work and the Post-Compulsory Teacher Education teams within the Department of Education, Practice and Society, as well as others with interests in adult education, literacy, language and numeracy development across the UCL Institute of Education, such as the International Literacy Centre..

We are interested in:

  • developing deeper understandings of the ways in which we use language, literacy, mathematics and numeracy in our daily lives
  • the teaching and learning of literacy, numeracy, mathematics and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), for both young people and older adults
  • the development of subject knowledge/expertise in these areas, including teacher education and professional development.

National / international impact

We aim to provide a national, independent and participative opportunity for practitioners, researchers and policy-makers to work together to explore and share theory and practice in the areas of adult literacy, numeracy, mathematics and English for Speakers of Other Languages.