Current members The General Directorate for Attention to Diversity, Participation and School Coexistence, Junta de Andalucía

The General Directorate for Attention to Diversity, Participation and School Coexistence, Junta de Andalucía

D.G. de Formación Profesional y Educación Permanente, Junta de Andalucía

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The General Directorate for Vocational Education, Training and Lifelong Learning in the Ministry of Education of Regional Government in Andalusia retains absolute competencies as regards education in our region.

The European Projects Department for VET and Adult Education promotes, supports and implement  the necessary measures to develop mobility experiences for the  IVT students enrolled in the more than 126 professional profiles offered in our region.

VET students have to accomplished a compulsory number of work experience internship in companies related specifically to the students´  profile and on average it consists in a 450 hours practice together with a final degree technical project.  In order to obtain the expertise degree the students must have passed the practical period successfully.  Junta de Andalucía gives their students the possibility to do their training period abroad through the LLP actions Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus for Higher VET.

Our Adult Education system involves around 500 schools, including basic skills, Secondary and language schools, with around 5.000 teachers and over 250.000 students, have a wide range of formal and non formal studies, from literacy to Access to University, including courses to develop key competences established by the UE. Prior to Erasmus plus programme, these schools have basically participated in Grundtvig and Comenious projects.

The EREIVET Educative administration network provide Junta de Andalucía with a reliable partnership with more than 16 European regions throughout  Europe  since 2002 with a high quality standards.  Most mobility experiences for each trainee are proved successful as the previous preparation of the stays are very seriously taken by the host and sending tutors.  Preparatory visits are supported by  both Ministries of Education.

Junta de Andalusia together with Lower Saxony hosted an International Conference in Cadiz (Spain) 8th-10th November 2009 in order to agree on the terms of our long lasting cooperation and offer our experience to our different partners institution which had passed a certain quality standards to standardize the procedures and requirements.  As a result,  the representative of the more than 8 countries attending the conference agreed  in applying for a Partnership Leonardo project which led to the so called EREIVET (European Regions Enhancing Vocational Education and Training)

List of Projects:

  • EREIVET II. Leonardo da Vinci Network project focused on ECVET procedures for “Electricity and Electronics”, “International Trade” and “Health and Social Care” sectors
  • FCT-Erasmus 7th Edition.  12 week internship workplacements for High degree VET
  • MoVIT2 12 week internship workplacements for middle degree VET IVT Leonardo da Vinci project
  • MoVITPRO Study visit for VET professionals. VETPRO Leonardo da Vinci project
  • DUALVET in order to establish good model for “Work-based learning and dual education. VETPRO Leonardo da Vinci project
  • The General Directorate has an active role as a host intitution for EREIVET partner for France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Great Britain, etc.