Current members Association for Lifelong Learning (ALLL)

Association for Lifelong Learning (ALLL)

Szövetség az Életen Át Tartó Tanulásért (SZETT)




The Hungarian Association for Lifelong Learning (ALLL) is a national umbrella organization in the field of adult education and lifelong learning in Hungary. ALLL has 22 member organizations from all over Hungary and is registered and accredited as an adult training provider organization. ALLL has the ambition to efficiently influence policy making and to raise awareness. The Association promotes its member’s endeavours by means of advocacy, professional support services, promotion of knowledge sharing and different co-operations. ALLL is committed to provide high quality services and methodological tools to learning providers to support the participation of adults in lifelong learning activities. Development of basic skills is a key focus area for the national organization.

ALLL has initiated, built and manage the Network of the Open Learning Centres in Hungary (NYITOK). The NYITOK Network was established in 2010, supported by VOX Norway, in 9 different communities to provide opportunities for learning and competence development addressing local and micro regional needs, especially in regards to development of basic skills (like ICT, languages, literacy and numeracy). Based on the very positive results from 2013 the network of the Open Learning Centres has been extended to 50 centres in the frame of a national project. ALLL provides the resources for the establishment of the newly established centres and also provides professional support for the development and continuous improvement of their adult learning services.

National / international impact

On national level the Hungarian Association for Lifelong Learning is seen by the relevant decision makers as an important player in the field of promoting social inclusion by turning Life Long Learning into practice.

It is also the idea of the Association to strengthen the network among innovative institutions and organisations dealing with education and learning in Hungary and in the Central European region. The Association has a broad international network and is member of

  • EBSN (The European Basic Skills Network)
  • EAEA (European Association for Education of Adults)
  • EASPD (European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities