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Swiss Association of Reading and Writing

Schweizer Dachverband Lesen und Schreiben

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In the field of reading and writing our association is the umbrella association for Switzerland.
It consists of :

  • 3 coordinating bodies: French- speaking community, German-speaking community and Italian-speaking community
    There are 9 district organizations in the French part, 13 providers in the German part and 1 district/provider in the Italian part of Switzerland.

The Schweizer Dachverband Lesen und Schreiben is supported and funded by the Ministry of Culture of Switzerland. Some of our goals are defined as follows (more detailed informations in our Charter):

  • Our Association engages on different levels in order to ensure that everyone has the possibility to attend courses in reading and writing. In our opinion everyone has the right to get the necessary basic skills without problems and we advocate this.
  • A national network is set up and working. And we are trying to expand it into an international network .
  • We engage to sustain the qualifications of teachers of reading and writing

To reach these goals we act on different levels: Political lobbying at Federal, Cantonal and Community levels; raising awareness campaigns with intermediaries; qualification of teachers, proposing of orientation services.

There are three other organizations among us supported by the ministry of culture. All three organizations are part of the national network and are cooperating.
SVEB, Swiss Association for Adult Learning:
VSV: Swiss Association for Adult Education Centres:
FHNW: University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland: