Current members STEP Institute, Institute for Work Psychology and Entrepreneurship / STEP Institute

STEP Institute, Institute for Work Psychology and Entrepreneurship / STEP Institute

STEP Inštitut, zavod za psihologijo dela in podjetništvo / STEP Inštitut



STEP Institute is a non-profit institute from Ljubljana, Slovenia, that is dealing with people development. We use a multidisciplinary approach and experience from HR projects when addressing basic skills challenges at the workplace.

STEP often acts like bridge builder: bridging the differences between education and work, business and public sector, scientific approach, and practical experience, start – ups and big organizations.

STEP is not a policy maker, but it can contribute to the EBSN as a policy provider. In the last few years, we established network of reliable partners and accomplished interesting projects, especially in soft skills development, career counselling and emotional intelligence. As concept of basic skills is expanding to soft competences like teamwork, relationships, autonomy, and openness to changes, we can share experience from intensive work with front-line managers and service industry employees. In international projects we are often in charge of competencies’ assessment, soft skills training, train-the-trainer activities, and digital teaching.

STEP Institute is highly active on the European level, especially in the Erasmus+ programme. STEP members are actively involved in the organization of Erasmus+ KA1 trainings. Before covid-19 epidemics we organized around 25 in-service trainings per year. With trainings moving online we established monthly Pan European conferences of digital education which grew from few hundreds to few thousands’ online participants.

National / international impact


Teaching entrepreneurship in schools: An experiential approach(EN)

Activities for trainers who work with youth as well as adults (face to face trainings)

Guidelines, activities and ideas for mentors who work with mentees or young professionals (covering peer coaching, knowing oneself, relationships, burnout, critical thinking, personal development)