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Romanian Institute for Adult Education – IREA

Institutul Român de Educație a Adulților – IREA




The overall aim of the research is to improve the quality of adult education, and to identify ways to increase their participation in learning, and also strengthening size lifelong learning, both at individual and institutional levels. The main research directions within IREA are: development of key and basic skills, adult basic education, workplace learning and key competencies of adults, professionalization of adult educators, the impact of new media on adult learning, intergenerational learning and active aging, developing the concept of different support services offered to adults – eg counselling in adult education, delivery of innovative teaching and learning in the workplace, social inclusion and active citizenship through education.

IREA’s mission is to promote research and practice in the field of adult education in Romania and Europe by supporting access to quality resources from collaborative research and practice, and by proactive contributions in processes and products aimed at professionalizing adult trainers in Romania.

Also in development projects we want to improve and develop the skills of adult education practitioners to meet the challenges of today’s society through innovative methods and techniques of teaching-learning and large-scale collaboration by promoting an active learning community.

Through the activity carried out within the institute we follow the realization of researches and publications in the field of adult education, offering a methodological support for the activities in this field, the realization of a connection between theory and practice in adult education.

National/international impact

IREA is a member of the European Society for Research on Adult Education – ESREA, promotes and disseminates theoretical and empirical research on adult education and adult learning in Europe through research networks, conferences and publications. Active members come from most of Europe.

IREA is also a member of the Asia-Europe Meeting – Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning – ASEM, it is an informal process of dialogue and cooperation that brings together the 28 member states of the European Union, 2 other European countries, and the European Union. with 21 Asian countries and the ASEAN Secretariat. The ASEM dialogue addresses political, economic and cultural issues, with the aim of strengthening relations between our two regions, in a spirit of mutual respect and partnership.