Current members Public institution The Centre for Vocational education

Public institution The Centre for Vocational education

JU Centar za stručno obrazovanje



Center for Vocational Education is a government body, founded in 2014 by the Government of Montenegro, with the primary objective of serving as a developmental, advisory, and research body in the field of vocational education. Our mission is establishing and enhancing the vocational education system, continuous training, and skill development, in order to produce a workforce ready for labor market integration, further education, and lifelong learning.

The Department for International Cooperation and Projects creates an environment for project management in professional and adult education and provides more than much-needed support, above all to institutions in professional and adult education.

The Department for Adult Education is the only professional service in Montenegro that deals with development, advisory and research work in the field of adult education. In accordance with the changes in the educational policy, which tends to set goals and plan activities that aim to reach defined standards in this area.

The Department for the Development of Qualifications in Vocational Education prepares documents, parts of documents for the development of qualifications for the level of education in the field of vocational education, providing advisory support to teachers, professional associates, organizers of practical education and instructors with the aim of quality implementation of educational programs.

The Department for quality, research and continuous professional development performs the tasks of collecting and analyzing data important for the development of qualifications, analyzing the existing qualifications of the level of education and determining the need for their modernization or the development of new ones.

National / international impact

Our institution launches various initiatives for government programs aimed at improving professional qualifications. In addition to the regular scope of work, The Center for Vocational Education has successfully participated in EU projects in the past six years, which shows our competence in project management and international cooperation: EPALE 1&2, VET-WEB/Valorising Experiences for Training in Western Balkans, ERASMUS-YOUTH, Connected through mobility, Microcredentials-A, New Path for Capacity Building in VET and Engaging Employers for a Relevant and Resilient VET. We are institution specialized in the subject of vocational education and a successful record in the participation and implementation of EU projects.