Current members Office of Educational Regulation and Assessment (Ministry of Education and Sports of Regional Government in Andalusia)

Office of Educational Regulation and Assessment (Ministry of Education and Sports of Regional Government in Andalusia)

Dirección General de Ordenación y Evaluación Educativa (Consejería de Educación y Deporte de la Junta de Andalucía)


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The Office of Educational Regulation and Assessment in the Ministry of Education and Sports of the regional government in Andalusia has the following functions:

It proposes regulations for the organization and functioning of education centers and it conducts the follow-up and the quality assessment. In addition, it proposes the development of new curricular designs for all non-university education including artistic and sports education, but not for VET studies.

Furthermore, it is in charge of regulations for the assessment of the Andalusian educational system. Within this context, it specifies the evaluation standards and indicators monitoring school drop-outs and performance.

This Office carries out a wide range of formal and non-formal studies, from literacy to access to University, including courses to develop key competences established by the EU. The Adult Education system involves around 900 schools, including basic skills, Secondary and language schools, with around 180.000 students.

Our International Education Programs Department cooperates with international and national agencies in relation to policy design, implementation and assessment. This Department manages more than 500 Eramus+ mobilities (KA1 & KA2) in all non-university stages and it organizes for students about 1300 mobilities and 260 for teachers yearly.

Along with this, the Artistic Department promotes, supports and implements the necessary measures to develop mobility experiences, for music, dance, heritage conservation, among others, for students enrolled in their public schools. Some of these mobilities are done to accomplish a compulsory number of work experience internship in institutions related specifically to the students’ profile.

National / international impact

Regulation to promote European mobilities for artistic students (Erasmus plus).

Participation in Etwinning (in 2020-21, more than 5,000 registered teachers).

International Memorandums of Understanding signed with institutions in China, France, Portugal, Germany and a pending one with United Kingdom.

Participation in EPALE.

Participation in the Visiting Teachers Program in US and Canada (more than 300 teachers from Andalusia have taken part in it).


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