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Ingun Westlund , Senior Adviser,


Skills Norway is the Directorate for Lifelong Learning, under the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. Our vision is lifelong learning for an inclusive economy and society, working to ensure that all adults have access to the education and training they need.

Our fields of work include basic skills and immigrant integration and language learning, contributing to the development of provision through frameworks, methods, tools and teacher training. As to the teaching of Norwegian and socio-cultural orientation to adult immigrants, Skills Norway is in charge of curricular and pedagogical issues and monitors the implementation of the curricula and the national tests, which are developed by us. In addition, we initiate research and development in these fields and disseminate information to relevant stakeholders.

We administer financial support for pedagogical development in study associations and distance learning institutions, manage the SkillsPlus Programme (for basic skills) and administer subsidies for the operation of peace centres and human rights centres.

Skills Norway carries out wide-ranging analytic work in the form of research, analyses, reports, and evaluations in the field of lifelong learning, and contributes to the body of evidence on adult learning. The publications can be found in our publications database. Publications are primarily in Norwegian, but some translations, fact sheets and summaries are also available in English.

The career guidance field in Norway is coordinated by Skills Norway, focusing on access and quality. Closely related to this, we also have an overarching responsibility for validation, and initiate research and development in both fields. In 2017–2020, Skills Norway wass the coordinator of an Erasmus + project on validation – VISKA.

The 1st  of July 2021, Skills Norway will be merged with among others Diku, Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education, in the new Directorate of Higher Education and Skills (Direktoratet for høyere utdanning og kompetanse – HK-dir).

National / international impact

Skills Norway is actively engaged in international cooperation. The Norwegian Ministry for Education and Research has nominated Skills Norway as National Coordinator for the implementation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning. As National Coordinator, Skills Norway represents the Norwegian adult learning sector in the Commission’s work for the implementation of the agenda. We also have a coordinating role for the Nordic Network for Adult Learning (Nordisk Nätverk för Vuxnas Lärande, NVL) and have the role of NSS (National Support Service) of EPALE Norway. We coordinate and participate in international networks or projects in the fields of basic skills, validation of non-formal and informal learning, career guidance and integration.


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