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Nordic Network for Adult Learning

Nordiskt nätverk för vuxnas lärande (NVL)






Nordic network for adult learning (NVL) has been initiated and is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and is administrated by VIA University College in Denmark.


  • is a meeting place for Nordic adult learning
  • supports Nordic co-operation
  • disseminates experiences and innovations
  • highlights Nordic expertise
  • creates new co-operation models

NVL promotes lifelong learning by focusing on cross-sectorial cooperation in the priority areas defined by the Nordic Council of Ministers: quality development and competence development within adult learning, professionalization of staff, recognition of prior learning, and guidance counselling.

NVL coordinates 1o expert and thematic networks and working groups, which have been set up based on the Nordic priority areas and have been commissioned to carry out mapping studies, comparative analyses, to produce reports and organize their discussion and dissemination. The network mandates are related to competence and capacity building as well as policy development.

NVL’s monthly newsletter provides information about education policy in the Nordic countries, new structures, reforms and initiatives, as well as upcoming courses and conferences.

NVL unites national representatives from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and contact persons from autonomous regions Greenland, Faroe Islands and Aaland Islands.

The development of policy and practice carried out by three NVL networks are relevant for EBSN.

The Nordic Alfa Council has responsibility for the development of education for adults with no or very short formal schooling and who do not have the Nordic languages as their mother tongue. The network aims at improving the opportunities for these adults to actively participate in community life and democratic processes. Currently the network implements the recommendations for competence development of educators working with this target group.

The Nordic Expert Network on Validation deals with professional standards and competence development in validation, and has carried out mapping of quality criteria for validation in the Nordic countries. The network has recently launched The Nordic Quality Compass, which is a toolbox for assessing validation practices, policies, procedures as well as competences of validation practitioners. This set of tools is for policy makers and developers of validation procedures as well as for practitioners.

The basic skills network follows countries’ work with basic skills, often based on the results from PIAAC. The network focuses on the provision of training in basic skills for adults based on concepts such as relevance, flexibility, motivation, distance learning, digital tools, support functions and guidance. Currently, the network takes a closer look at the development of digital competence and basic numeracy linked to working life. In 2021, the network will look more closely at different ways of reaching groups with weak basic digital skills and collect learning examples from all Nordic countries.

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