Current members National Institute for the Analysis of Public Policies – INAPP

National Institute for the Analysis of Public Policies – INAPP

Istituto Nazionale per l’Analisi delle Politiche Pubbliche – INAPP



INAPP is a public research body, which operates under supervision of the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies and is in charge of the analysis, monitoring and evaluation of all public policies having an impact on the labour market. Its mission is two-fold: building public assets, such as databases accessible to all, and implementing policy-oriented research aimed at analysing policy-relevant phenomena. INAPP has more than 200 researchers and full access to the most relevant national administrative databases for statistical analysis. It is one of the most important and acknowledged policy advisors in the country.

INAPP is a member of the National Statistical System and cooperates with European and international institutions. It has long-standing experience in providing methodological and scientific assistance for the European Social Fund System Actions and, as it currently acts as Intermediate Body for the ESF National Operational Programme “System of active employment policies”.

INAPP is in charge, by law  or however on behalf of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, of drafting several reports concerning vocational education and training such  as:  the report on national vocational training system;  the annual report on apprenticeship; the report on vocational traning provision; the annual monitoring report on training actions within the right/obligation to training  and on the state of the art of Vocational Education and Training pathways (IeFP). It is also involved in the technical and scientific coordination for the annual Report on CVET in Italy.

National / international impact

Inapp is National Agency for Italy of the EU Programme Erasmus+ in the field of vocational education and training. It also hosts the National Coordinator for the European Agenda of Adult Learning as well as the EQAVET National Reference Point and it is a Member of ET 2020 WG for Adult Learning and partner of the Refernet network for Italy.

 INAPP implements periodical international survey for Italy, such as the European Social Survey and the OCSE-PIAAC survey; moreover, it has been involved in drafting the OCSE Skills Strategy Diagnostic report for Italy as well as the technical and scientific “National Report on implementation of Upskilling Pathways Recommendation”.