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National Institute for Education



The mission of the National Institute for Education, Education Counselling Centre and Centre for Continuing Education of Teachers (NUV) is to enhance in various ways the continuing development of a general, vocational, art and linguistic education, and to support schools in the area of their pedagogical-psychological, educational and career counselling, as well as in the methodology used in the continuing education of teachers. All these services emphasize a general focus on lifelong learning while maintaining close cooperation with the EU. NUV is and organization established and budgeted by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. 

The main activities of the NUV are predominantly preoccupied with the following issues:

  • Supporting the development of education and lifelong learning
  • Curriculum – Formal education: NUV is responsible for the developement of national curricula (Framework Educational Programmes) for pre-primary, elementary, secondary general and vocational as well as basic arts and basic language education. NUV provides guidance to schools in designing their own curricula. Every school creates its own curriculum – so called School Educational Programme – in accordance with the Framework Educational Programmes and the rules which they set. NUV offers methodological support in developing school curricula
  • Creation of educational strategies and their implementation
  • System of validation and recognition of non-formal and informal learning – support of adult education is based on strategic and long-term goals set by national education policies. Many VET schools have been transformed to lifelong learning centers and validation and recognition of prior learning is now important part of adult education in the Czech Republic
  • Guidance and Counselling: NUV supports the developement of pedagogical and career guidance in schools. NUV assists in strategic planning and developement of career guidance at the national level
  • NUV analyses the labour market and continuously monitors labour market success of school graduates. The website provides the overview of schools and their educational programs including programs for student with disabilities
  • Creation of diagnostic tools for educational counselling centers
  • Implementation of national and European projects.


National / international impact

 NUV is actively engaged in international cooperation. NUV is responsible for implementation of European tools enhancing mobility and transparency of qualifications. NUV was appointed as the National Europass Center, National Coordination Point for EQF, National Coordination Point for ECVET, National Reference Point for EQAVET and performs the role of the ReferNet Czech Republic National Coordinator.