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Patrick Ramberg Singler, Strategic Account Manager, (+47 91531539),

Eddy Robertsen, CEO,


Munio AS is a e-learning provider focused on the land-based process industry and construction industry. Our mission statement is: “We help people improve themselves through learning”. Munio has unified the general HSE courses for large parts of the Norwegian process industry and has been at the forefront of the development and distribution of e-learning which gives documented and certified skills to workers. As member of the EBSN network we want to contribute to:

  • increase access to high quality and work-related basic skills training for adults – especially digital skills, numeracy and soft skills.
  • increase access to certified and documented training, that is acknowledged across European borders
  • share knowledge and experiences in creating and distributing e-learning content
  • work actively to unify competencies across European borders to increase workforce mobility (e.g. through Open badges)
  • increase knowledge about how adults learn
  • learn more about which skills are required to ensure that Europe has the skilled workforce it needs to face the fourth industrial revolution

National / international impact

Munio AS works develops learning in close relationship to the industry and their employer and branch associations. Especially NELFO (trade association for electro, it, ecom, system integrators and lift companies) and EBA (Norwegian Contractors Association)

In partnership with iAM learning in the UK, Munio is currently releasing a series of courses with soft skills needed in working life. Humor and animation are used to make knowledge more accessible and attractive for adults.

We believe that corporations and policymakers need to work even closer together to implement sustainable policies which reflect the actual needs and mechanisms in the market.


We are currently working on our new website which will contain news and articles.