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The objective of Modus Foundation is to develop new partnerships and forms of co-operation in education, the labour market and social and other welfare services in order to promote the integration of disadvantaged or permanently unemployed people, people living with a disability, as well as to promote gender mainstreaming and integrating women into the labour market. Modus Foundation is also committed to integration of approaches, standards, practical methods shaped and applied in the old EU member countries into the development work in Hungary, as well as developing new approaches and innovative methods.

Development of basic skills is a key focus area for the organization. Having a long lasting professional cooperation with the Hungarian Association for Lifelong Learning Hungary, Modus Foundation is responsible for implementing the most important innovative professional initiatives of the Association. Based on this cooperation the experts of Modus Foundation set up and operate the Knowledge Centre for the Hungarian Network of Open Learning Centres having 50 centres all over Hungary. Modus Foundation is planning to extend the Knowledge centre for the support of Hungarian adult learning organisations and local government who would like to establish open learning centres as well as for learning centres who would like to address contact with SMEs