Current members Ministry of Education and Science

Ministry of Education and Science

Министерство на образованието и науката, МОН



The membership of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) in the European Network for Basic Skills is motivated by the traditions in the development of education, training and learning for all Bulgarian citizens: from children to adults.

MES is a government institution that plans, implements and evaluates a wide range of public knowledge-related policies. These are the policies for pre-school and school education, vocational education and training, higher education, continuing vocational training, adult learning and life-long learning (hereinafter LLL). The MES links the implementation of these policies with the policies in the field of science and innovation.

MES will interact with EBSN to work on the main thematic scope of the Network, the main policy measures for basic skills of adults and will contribute to better policies and practices for improving basic skills in Bulgaria.

The efforts of interaction between MES and EBSN will be aimed at creating attractive and flexible ways to acquire basic skills, new competences, qualifications and re-qualifications in the formal educational system and non-formal education as well as at creating conditions for informal learning. Every choice of individual strategies for education, training and learning will be encouraged, supported and developed.

National / international impact

Coordination between stakeholders is essential for the overall policy of LLL. It is the basis of the network of institutions and organizations that are engaged in the implementation of policies for LLL and of policies for adult learning.

The relations based on the interaction between these organizations and institutions form the national network for LLL in Bulgaria. Through this network, the National Days for LLL and other events are organized to promote LLL and to increase the skills of adult learners.

In the context of the new post-2020 programming new Advisory Council for Coordination, Management and Monitoring was created, based on the 2021–2030 Strategic framework for development of Education, Training and Learning.