Current members Ligo, Centres for Adult Basic Education

Ligo, Centres for Adult Basic Education

Ligo, Centra voor Basiseducatie




Ligo is the collective name for the 13 centres for Adult Basic Education in Flanders and Brussels and the interest group in Brussels. The 13 centres provide literacy/basic skills courses for the most vulnerable adults: low-educated and low-literate, both Dutch-speaking and second language learners. Together, the 13 CBE reach approximately 45.000 learners on an annual basis. These learners are supported by 1500 employees: teachers, staff members and supporting staff.

Our aim is to increase the opportunities of low-educated and low-literate adults in society. We strive for impact on the level of the learners and on the level of society. With regard to the learners this implies strengthening them in their different roles they take up in society: jobseeker/worker, parent, critical citizen, consumer and ‘organiser’ of their daily life. Besides, on society level, we strive for a society and a (public) service that is accessible for low-educated and low-literate adults by working together with partners in supporting these adults and with policy makers in advising them with regard to literacy and low-literate citizens.

The interest group of Ligo focusses on strengthening the collaboration between the 13 centres and on advocacy work through:

  • developing, monitoring and adjusting the pedagogical approach in the centres;
  • raising awareness about literacy, in society and at policy level;
  • advocating and lobbying on behalf of the directors of the centres and of the target group (the learners);
  • following up and influencing the national and regional legislation on adult basic education.

National / international impact

Ligo participates in different national networks. For example:

  • Raad levenslang leren (Counsel Lifelong Learning) of the VLOR (Vlaamse Onderwijsraad: Flemish Education Council)
  • Vlaams NT2-overleg (Committee of providers of Dutch as a second language)
  • Stuurgroep Onderwijs aan gedetineerden (Steering group of prison education)
  • Taskforce e-inclusie

Besides, Ligo invest also in international networking: by collaborating with Epos and the national coordinator of Epale and by participating in Erasmus+.