Current members Latvian Adult Education Association (LAEA)

Latvian Adult Education Association (LAEA)

Latvijas Pieaugušo izglītības apvienība (LPIA)



Contact information

Sarmīte Pīlāte, Director of Latvian Adult Education Association,


Latvian Adult Education Association is non-governmental organization, which unites 60 juridical and physical entities – adult education institutions in Latvia. Latvian Adult Education Association is founded in 1993 and its goal is to promote development of non-formal education system in Latvia, participate in creating lifelong learning policy and promote development of civil, democratic and well balanced society.

From 1995 Latvian Adult Education Association is member organization of European Adult Education Association, from 1997 member of European Society for Research on the Education of Adults and Baltic Network for Adult Learning, from 2012 a member of Basic skills European network.

LAEA is a member of Latvian Platform of Development Education and Civic Aliance – Latvia.

Latvian Adult Education Association is participating in developing National Development Plans and Strategies for adult education, and represents non-governmental sector in Supervisory Board of European Social Fund.

Latvian Adult Education Association has remarkable experience in organization of different activities, for example European Adult Education Association`s conference “Equal opportunities for all”, where participants from 24 European countries take part, and different European and national educational seminars.

Latvian Adult Education Association has network including adult education organizations of whole Latvia, experienced trainers, approbated programs, methodological and educational materials.

Main directions of work:

  • development of lifelong learning system in Latvia
  • methodological and educational support to adult education institutions
  • education of youth, integration them in labor market and society
  • civil education for integration in society
  • integration of retired people and other social risk groups in society.

LAEA has remarkable experience in projects: 2003/2006 Pan European Senior education net , supported by Grundtvig programme; 2005/2006 “Promotion of multicultural understanding and civil participation in Latvia communities” supported by  Phare and Social integration Fund; 2006-2007 “Come, search, participate”, supported by Social Integration Fund; 2006-2008 “Love language” and “European generation link” supported by Grundtvig; 2007/2008 Preretirement age people integration in the labour market, supported by European Social fund;  2007/2008 “Listen in, understand, accept” supported by  Social Fund and Social integration; Fund; 2009 /2011 „Creativity and Enterplenurship Seeds for Social Inclusion” supported by  Grundtvig program; 2007-2010. Milenium Goals supported by EK; 2011/2012 Improving educator`s resilience to stress supported by  Grundtvig program; 2011/2013 Becoming enterpreneurs! Developing new skills for new jobs, supported by Leonardo da Vinci programme; 2011/2012 Robots for intergenerational gap supported by  Grundtvig program