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German Adult Education Association

Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V. (DVV)





The German Adult Education Association (Deutsche Volkshochschul-Verband e.V. – DVV) promotes the further training and education work of the adult education centres (VHS) and represents the interests of its members and the adult education centres at the federal, European and international level.

DVV promotes cooperation and technical discussions and exchange of ideas among its members, develops principles and guidelines, promotes the quality of adult education work and international cooperation. More than 900 adult education centres in Germany are the basis of its support.

We generate power for continuing education.

The Federal Office of the DVV is a service institution for the support and implementation of association tasks for the adult education centres and the VHS state associations.

Its priority tasks include information, advice, resources acquisition as well as educational and association political policy representation. These objectives are achieved by, among other things, providing opinions, expert advice, conferences, publications and community actions on fundamental questions related to adult education, through to legislative proposals or asking specific substantive questions.

The tasks of the DVV Federal Office as a service provider for the association are also met in projects that promote the work of local adult education centres and the work of the VHS state associations. This includes numerous projects in the field of basic education and literacy, including learning portals (

National / international impact

The German Adult Education Association (DVV) is

  • a partner in the Alliance for the National Decade for Literacy in Germany (2016-2026),
  • member of the European Association of Adult Education and took part in shaping the UNESCO World Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA),
  • a founding member of the German Institute for Adult Education/Leibnitz Centre for Lifelong Learning (DIE), which emerged from the former Pädagogischen Arbeitsstelle (PAS) of the DVV.
  • For more than 50 years the adult education centres and the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) have worked together as an institutional alliance in the Federal Working Group WORK AND LIFE.


For reports, articles, interviews, information on our projects and products and materials for download in the field of basic skills training and migrant education see our websites