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FONIX is the largest company within the vocational rehabilitation market in Norway. The main office is located in Sandefjord, Norway, supporting 11 regional offices in the region.

FONIX has approx. 180 employees – mostly teachers / instructors.

FONIX base their service provision on each persons’ individual needs for assistance and their work capacity. We coaches each individual towards ordinary employment through qualification, job training and “Supported Employment” for the ones in need of an extensive follow up in the open labor market.

The services provided for the vocationally disabled are:

  • To assess the potential work and educational capacity of the individual and to qualify the individual through individually adapted job training, qualification and guidance.
  • To provide permanent adapted work if the individual has no possibility for a job in the open labor market and to offer assistance in obtaining an ordinary job or further education in the ordinary education system.

FONIX also provide “Work Preparatory Training” for people who need to establish necessary basic job skills – and language training and integration preparation for immigrants.

FONIX run a language- og integration-project for the municipal of Sandefjord with some 300+ migrants every year. Our migration-project in Sandefjord are renowned as “The Sandefjord Model” implementing working life as the most important arena for learning Norwegian.

FONIX also work with career guidance, and are in charge of certification of all workers in the vocational rehabilitation market in Norway in the vip24 career guidance program.

In addition, FONIX has extensive experience with internal company training on many different levels – both in public sector and private industry. We have been involved in The Norwegian Basic Skills Work Life program (BCWL) in many years, and the company are pre-qualified as provider of basic skills training by Vox – The Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning.