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Founded in 1997, Flying Teachers can now look back on 25 successful years as a provider of various products in adult education – all of them based on the principle, that the learners know best what is relevant for them and their daily life and work. We first implemented this learner-centered approach in customized language courses for our corporate customers. In order to even better meet our customers’ needs we soon established ourselves as a certified teacher-training-center for CELTA/DELTA, SVEB and Eurolta. Aiming to help our learners improve their efficiency at their workplace in all communication-related fields, we added courses in business correspondence and presentation – and enhanced our products with digital components such as blended-learning formats and e-learning programs.

In 2019, we further widened our range of workplace-related and learner-centered courses with basic skills-trainings within the framework of the Swiss program “Einfach besser am Arbeitsplatz”. Within this program, we have since organized, designed and taught around 50 tailor-made courses in 20 different companies all around Switzerland. Through this work, we have gained a deep insight into the requirements of various target groups in various fields. In addition, we have developed and continuously improved methods and tools for training and supporting our network of teachers in accordance with the requirements of the target groups. Combining the knowledge gained from teacher training and basic-skills-courses, we are currently aiming to develop a comprehensive training program for teachers of basic skills.

National / international impact

Flying Teachers have branch offices in Switzerland, Germany and Hungary. Our activities concerning basic-skills-training have so far been largely focused on Switzerland. Apart from the workplace-related courses mentioned above, which are subsidized by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, we also train ICT-skills in the “Lernstuben”-program and all basic-skills combined with German courses in the “Integrationsagenda Zürich”-program, both implemented and financed by the Kanton of Zurich and the federal government. As the responsible body of the “fide”-secretariat, we are well connected to various institutions (both policy makers and providers) active in social and professional integration.


At present, we have not yet compiled any documents that fit these criteria. Within the next few months, we will gladly contribute with a number of papers and guidelines, on key topics such as customer acquisition, requirements and resources of specific target groups, designing tailor-made courses, training basic-skills-teachers etc.

We are also happy to provide advice to and/or share insights with EBSN members, who contact us directly.