Current members FACEPA – Federation of Cultural and Adult Education Associations

FACEPA – Federation of Cultural and Adult Education Associations

FACEPA – Federació d’Associacions Culturals I Educatives de Persones Adultes



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Maripaz Anderson,

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FACEPA gathers cultural, educational and adult learning associations and serves local associations developing adult education, cultural programmes and activities for population at risk of social exclusion. It’s composed of adult people with no university qualifications taking part in adult education and governing their associations by means of direct participation in social, cultural, educational, political and economic fields in their territory. Our purpose is to work collectively towards a democratic educational and cultural model, in which the voices of people with no academic qualifications -and who, because of this, have been excluded from public debate- are taken into account.

Our goals are:

  • to promote Adult Education – basic education, occupational training and cultural and leisure education from a critical and transformational perspective
  • to endorse a Social and Democratic Model of Adult Education based on participation
  • to promote territorial projects in Adult Education according to the demands and needs of the different groups (women groups; cultural groups i.e. Roma community; immigrant groups, etc.)
  • to encourage the exchange of experiences, congresses, training and cultural activities
  • to fight against gender violence, racism and xenophobia

We have a long standing relationship with local, national and European universities, Public administrations and NGOs in the field of adult education, culture and social affairs.

Since 1999 we have coordinated 11 European projects and we have participated in 7 other European projects. We work on the following topics: Adult education and adult literacy; Democratic adult education; ICT literacy and media literacy; New technologies and social participation; Groups at risk of social exclusion; Counselling; Civil participation; Deliberative democracy and democratic participation, Intercultural Dialogue.

Our highlights are the following:

  • One of the projects coordinated by FACEPA was selected as a successful project to be presented  in the 10th  anniversary Grundtvig conference organized by EC (Brussels, January 2010)
  • Participation in the GEA Interim Mundial Conference on the round table: the voices of the other women (2010)
  • Participation and presentation of a paper in the II Internet Global Congress (2007).
  • Participation in the World Forum of Women within the Universal Forum of Cultures (2004).
  • Prize equity-difference between men and women for best social innovative project (2002).
  • Participation in the conference “Women and social transformations” in dialogue with Judith Butler (2001).
  • Participation and presentation of project Bill of Rights in CONFINTEA V (1997).