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Education Scotland has a key role to play in Scottish education, supporting innovation and dynamism throughout the education system, providing challenge and making a major contribution to raising standards overall.

Education Scotland brings together the work of Learning and Teaching Scotland, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education and some functions currently carried out by Scottish Government.

Core purpose and strategic priorities

Education Scotland has been established by The Cabinet Secretary as a key national body supporting quality and improvement in Scottish education by:

  • leading and supporting the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence
  • increasing the capacity for self-evaluation and self-improvement amongst education providers and practitioners
  • promoting high quality professional learning and leadership
  • identifying and stimulating innovation, sharing successful approaches widely with others
  • providing independent external evaluations of the quality of educational provision at individual provider, local authority and partners, and national levels
  • supporting the development and implementation of policy at national level.

The Communities Team

The Communities Team has three main priorities:

  • Adult learning
  • Work with young people, children and families
  • Community capacity Building

The Adult learning Team is responsible for Adult Literacies, English for Speakers of other Languages and Community Based Adult Learning

The work on Adult Literacies is most relevant to the work of the EBSN.

In December 2010  refreshed strategic guidance for Adult Literacies in Scotland ( ALIS2020) was launched

Education Scotland is a member of EBSN and Cath Hamilton is a member of the EBSN Executive Committee.

Education Scotland is part of the Eur-Alpha project set up to form a leaners network across Europe.

Education Scotland is also a partner in the  European ’Basket’ project to look at adult literacies tutor CPD across Europe and a European partnership looking at maths/ numeracy.

We have also given presentations about the work in Scotland in Switzerland, Norway and Ireland.

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