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Education and Training Service Center

Fræðslumiðstöð atvinnulífsins (FA)



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Halla Valgeirsdóttir,;

Sigrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir,;

Sveinn Adalsteinsson,;

Arnheiður Gígja,


The Education and Training Service Centre was established in December 2002 by the Icelandic Confederation of Labour (ASÍ) and the Confederation of Icelandic Employers (SA) and is since 2010 also owned by the Federation of State and Municipal Employees, the Association of Local Authorities in Iceland and the Ministry of Finance.

The role of the Centre is to be a collaborative forum of the founding parties for adult education and vocational training in cooperation with other educational bodies operating under the auspices of the member associations.

The Centre operates in accordance with its articles of association and a service agreement with the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.

The Centre targets are those who have not completed upper secondary level of education. This target group comprises 35% of people in the labour market, although the ratio varies between years and regions. A part of the group is disadvantaged, has dyslexia and learning disorders. The Centre has, in cooperation with LLL centres, designed various curricula including basic skills. The objective is to enable individuals who have not graduated from the upper secondary level to obtain an education and improve their position in the labour market.

The Centre hosts the Icelandic national coordinator in the Nordic Network for Adult Learning, NVL, On behalf of the NVL there are two subgroups working with basic skills.