Current members Department of adult education (Ministry of education, Luxembourg)

Department of adult education (Ministry of education, Luxembourg)

Service de la formation des adultes (MENJE)



Contact information

Erik Goerens, director,

Françoise Chotro and Aline Schott, coordinators (basic skills and language integration)


The department of adult education is in charge of nearly all the basic skills courses in the whole country of Luxembourg. It is part of its legal obligations.

It is also involved in the integration of the asylum seekers, providing them literacy courses if there are not alphabetized in the latin alphabet.

National / international impact

  • coordination and validation/authorization of national offers, national strategy in adult education
  • development of didactical contents and learning concepts for different target groups
  • exchanges/ cooperation with international partners and participation in European programs (AAL, Erasmus+, EBSN, Epale, Grubinetzwerk, …)