CINOP is an independent, international research and consultancy agency specialised in lifelong learning, vocational education & training (VET) and adult education. Based in the Netherlands, CINOP offers services to governments, educational institutions, sectoral organisations and businesses, from strategic advice to practical implementation. CINOP also works for the European Commission, the international donor community and organisations for international cooperation in education.

Since 2003 CINOP is one of the main partners in programmes fighting low literacy and improvement of basic skills for (young) adults, launched by the Dutch government. These programmes aim at decreasing lower literacy in all education fields and by working and nonworking adults. Low literacy prevention is handled by strengthening language education and language policy in all forms of education. An important role has been put aside for the local governments. The treatment of lower literacy also aims at trade and industry. Approach of lower literacy in companies aims at language support for employees within the framework of security and quality policy and education till the level of start qualification. CINOP has been active on all subjects in the programmes.

CINOP contributed to the Action plan on low literacy in the following way

–      Strategic language policy.
–      Competence development teachers in adult education.
–      Development digital language portfolio Dutch.
–      Knowledge sharing.
–      Supporting employers concerning low literacy.
–      Ambassador networks and networks for projectmanagers low literacy.
–      Research, evaluation and monitoring.

CINOP has the programmanagement of the implementation of the National Qualification Framework of the Netherlands.
Leonardo da Vinci, the programme on lifelong learning (LLP, 2007-2013) is an initiative of the European Commission and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. CINOP is project leader of the LLP- Leonardo da Vinci.

A website for professionals in research, training and policy concerning basic skills. The website handles literacy, numeracy and ict-skills and has a focus on teachers, policy makers at local governments and researchers.
A description of competences for teachers in basic skills
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