Current members Catalan Association for Education, Training and Research

Catalan Association for Education, Training and Research

Associació Catalana per a l’Educació, la Formació i la Recerca (ACEFIR)




ACEFIR, Catalan Association for Education, Training and Research, is a social initiative that brings together a team of professionals from different fields with the common interest of working for education, training and research related to youth, adults and the elderly.


  • To develop and launch activities aimed at youth, adults and the elderly in the fields of education, training and research.
  • To make institutions, media and society more sensitive to the importance of lifelong training and education.
  • To promote international cooperation among different cultures and countries.
  • To offer support and advice to any other organizations working in the same fields.
  • To collaborate with other institutions in the development of activities for the International Years promoted by the United Nations and for the  European Years promoted by the European Commission.

National / international impact

ACEFIR is member of EAEA (European Association for the Education of Adults)


We have published the literacy method in catalan for illiterate newcomers “El nostre món” (our world):

El Nostre Món 1

El Nostre Món 2

El Nostre Món 3

Oral learning language for newcomers:


ALFIE (Alphabetisation of Immigrants to Europe)

III Jornades Europees d’ACEFIR