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Dušan Zdravković, Director,

Prof. Katarina Popović, President,

Nikola Koruga, Project coordinator,


Adult Education Society covers many fields of adult education and lifelong learning: basic education for adults, professional-vocational education, training and retraining, education for democratic citizenship, education of elderly people, modern methods and didactics of adult teaching and others. The present situation of the country imposes four priorities: a) to develope strategy and legislation of adult education and standards in adult education, b) to strenghten international and regional cooperation, c) to (re)establish and enrich the system of institutions and providers, d) to continue the professionalization of the field.

Although primary education is mandatory for already fifty years, Serbia is still facing the problem of illiteracy and high percentage of illiterate people (21,8 {45dd1fd917f9c5256ddd62f2bb60264c9fd035a788f5039a41e25e9de2257d18} of population is without primary education according to the last census in 2002). Nevertheless, there are no special strategic or legal solutions related to the matter of illiteracy, but there are some serious attempts to conduct reform of formal basic adult education system, to answer the needs of illiterate and uneducated part of population. Adult Education Society was one of the partner organizations in the successful pilot project “Functional basic adult education for Roma people” and now participants in ongoing project Systemic Development of Elementary, Practice Based Adult Education in Serbia (“Second chance”) founded by the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA). Membership in European Basic Skills Network is a great opportunity to share knowledge, practice and experience with other European institutions and organizations, especially regarding different national policies, policy implementation and possible difficulties.

National/International Impact

AES is a national non-governmental organization, registered in Belgrade. It is founded in 2000 and includes professionals engaged or interested in adult education. AES act both as a kind of “think tank” organization and as implementing organizations for different projects – alone or numerous partners (peoples’ and workers’ universities, adult schools, cultural centers, NGOs, training departments in companies etc.). Since 2002 Society is member of EAEA (European Association of Adult Education) and its president is the vice-president of EAEA. It plays a role of umbrella organization for different kinds of adult education providers and is one of the main partners of Serbian Ministry for Education for the issues around adult education and lifelong learning. It is also one of the most relevant partners for many international organizations, programs and projects in the field of adult education.

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