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Adult Education Center

Centar za obrazovanie na vozrasnite – COV

Центар за образование на возрасните – ЦОВ


Adult Education Center is a national public institution established by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia.
The mission of the Center is to promote a functional, modern and EU-compatible system for adult education in the context of the lifelong learning that provides high quality learning and qualification opportunities to meet the needs of the whole population, enhance employability and entrepreneurship, meet labour market needs and contribute to economic, social and personal development.
Key objectives of the Center are to contribute in the realization of the social-economic need of North Macedonia, to respond to the needs of the labor market and to assist the individuals in their personal development.
Main Responsibilities:
Adult Education Center harmonizes and integrates the public interests and the interests of the social partners in the education of adults in the Republic of North Macedonia and coordinates the cooperation with the international institutions and organizations in the area of education of adults and the lifelong learning.
The Center also provides quality system for education of adults in accordance with the European standards and practices, through standards and criteria that will provide quality education for adults, both formal and non-formal, production of quality and competitive labor force on the labor market by supporting the social partnership.

National / international impact

Adult Education Centre is responsible for verification of special programs for adult education (programs for non-formal adult education). The verification aims at increased quality of adult education, in particular in the area of non-formal education.
Since 2010, Adult Education Centre is implementing governmental program for secondary vocational education for adults who completed only primary education at a national level.
Also, the Adult Education Centre leads different activities for promotion of the adult education. One of the most important manifestation is Lifelong Learning Days that the Center organizes annually in cooperation with the DVV International Office in North Macedonia.