Current members Association of the Saarland Adult Education Centres

Association of the Saarland Adult Education Centres

Verband der Volkshochschulen des Saarlandes e.V.



The Verband der Volkshochschulen des Saarlandes is the professional association of the Saarland adult education centres. Members of the association are the 16 adult education centres in Saarland, where every year approximately 120,000 participants take part in nearly 9,000 events.

Since the identification of illiteracy as an education problem in the late 1970s, the

literacy work of the adult education centres has recorded continuous growth. These services allow an exemplary demonstration of how important and successful the work of Adult Education centres is with the educationally disadvantaged.

The association has a full-time open office in the state capital of Saarbrucken.The main tasks of our association are advocating the interests of our members and providing supporting services to help them with supplying a comprehensive and quality-assured adult ecucation, including:

  • Advising our members and customers in educational and organisational issues
  • Organisation of training events for course instructors and employees of our members
  • Implementation of internationally recognised examinations in the fields of languages and vocational training

National/international impact

Through the National Committee for Further Education of the Saarland Ministry of Education and Culture, whose office is managed by our association, we are networked with all relevant actors of adult education in the Saarland. In addition, important pillars of our network are our memberships in the German Adult Education Association, in the EAEA, in the European Movement Saar, in the education network Saar and in the Language Council Saar.