Uncategorized Massive interest for the first EBSN Academy experimental MOOC workshop

Massive interest for the first EBSN Academy experimental MOOC workshop

The first workshop of the EBSN Academy took place in Oslo November 25th to 29th 2013. The Grundtvig Literacy Workshop was organized by Vox under the title “Evidence-based delivery of literacy training in the digital era”.

The interest in participating in the workshop was massive. The organizers received more than 100 applications but the course had a limited number of places. 20 teacher trainers, researchers and decision makers in charge of the Continuous Professional Development of teachers of basic skills for adults from 13 European countries were accepted and invited to come to Oslo late November 2013.

During the 5 days’ workshop the participants exchanged knowledge and experiences within the field of literacy teachers’ training with a special focus on the opportunities in the digital era. The participants also discussed the teachers’ competence needed to train problem solving in technology-rich environments, which is also one of the components in the PIAAC survey.

The workshop was organized as an experimental MOOC were the lectures were published on youtube for outsiders to watch. A wider circle of on-line participants was able to discuss with the workshop participants through an interactive blog.

Check out the blog and discussions

The MOOC aspect will be further developed in the EBSN Academy as it offers interesting opportunities to explore new educational spaces and build networks through social media and meet face-to-face.

Three more EBSN Academy workshops will take place in 2014.
The next course under the title “Alphabétisation – instruction de base et integration” will be arranged in Luxembourg from the 24th to the 28th of March. The organizer has informed us that there are still many available places and has decided to postpone the application deadline till February the 1st.

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