EBSN Academy Background


The EBSN Academy aims at promoting European excellence in the field of initial and continuous professional training for teachers of basic skills to adults.

The Renewed European Agenda for Adult Learning, approved by a resolution of the Council of the European Union on Nov 17th 2011, establishes five priority areas for the period 2012 – 2014. Priority number 2, regarding the quality of provision, focuses on “improving the quality of adult education staff, for instance by defining competence profiles, establishing effective systems for initial training and professional development, and facilitating the mobility of teachers, trainers and other adult education staff.”

The EBSN member institutions consider that it is particularly urgent to ensure the quality of provision of basic skills training, as a necessary condition for the development of adult learning in Europe. To be able to accomplish this objective in an efficient matter, the EBSN aims at establishing a community of practice at policy level regarding systems, structures and curricula for teacher training in the basic skills field, and targeting decision makers and institutions in charge of establishing curricula for teacher training. The Academy will aim at training the teacher trainers (level T2) and the experts in charge of training the teacher trainers (level T3), as well as providing some examples of how a successful course for teachers (level T1) can be implemented.

Grundtvig Literacy Workshops 2013 – 2014

To contribute to the current focus on European literacy, the Grundtvig program introduced an important change in its Workshop Action for the last call for proposals in the Lifelong Learning Program. Under the 2013 Call, the Workshop action provides training to Adult Education staff working on literacy issues exclusively.

The Commission’s presentation of this action states that its objectives are “to give present and future teachers and staff the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the European dimension in teaching adults with literacy problems, to enhance their knowledge of other European countries’ education systems and their provision of adult literacy and to improve the specific skills they require to teach literacy skills to adults. The Workshops bring together professionals working within the field of adult literacy, from several countries, in order to improve their practical teaching, coaching, counseling, management skills, etc.”

As part of our strategy to launch the EBSN Academy, several members of the EBSN have presented proposals to their Grundtvig National Agencies for workshops that will be organized during the period Aug 2013 to Sept 2014. Some of the proposals have unfortunately not been accepted by the relevant National Agencies. As per July 18th 2013, the accepted workshops are the ones which are listed below in the order in which they will take place. Click on the workshop title for further information and description of the theme and preliminary program of each workshop.